Executive Search & Leadership Consulting 

Business Area

Our work specializes in senior executives for the board or executive committee, heads of department and/ or business unit executives within local and/or international organizations.


President and Vice President
Country Manager
General Manager
Commercial/ Sales Director
Medical Director
Business Development Manager
Digital Officer
Finance Director

Marketing Director
Legal Director
Operations Director
Human Resources Director
Communications Director
Health BU Director
National Sales Manager
Partner-Director of Consultancy


Best Professional Recruiting Firm

From Fortune 500 and IBEX 35 corporations to small start-ups or spin-offs supported by Venture Capital groups, as well as family-owned companies in the search of professionalism or succession.

Consolidated organizations or those that experience rapid development and expansion, as well as those entering new markets.

Another common characteristic of our work includes pan-European searches, identifying and evaluating in situ candidates from other countries.

Executive Search Consultants in Spain

Luis Truchado

Luis Truchado is a Senior Consultant specialized in attracting top talent to the Life Sciences and Healthcare sectors: Biotech, Pharma, Medical Devices, Diagnostics, OTC, CRO's, eHealth, API's. etc.

Luis is an International Executive Search and Leadership Consultant for the Board, CXO's, Heads of Division, BU's, etc. in: Sales/Marketing, Business Development, Scientific, Operations, Drug Development, Regulatory, Institutional Affairs, Market Access, Digital transformation, etc.

His experience and professional results have earned him recognition as Iberoamerican and European Consultant, Lecturer, Writer, Event Organizer, etc. and the privilege of treasuring an extensive network at Board and senior levels in hundreds of Life Sciences organizations.

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