16 May, 2022

Executive Headhunting in the Healthcare Sector

Running a business in the healthcare sector is a particularly challenging task. Growing demand for private healthcare services is propelling the industry but only the best […]
16 May, 2022

The Importance of Executive Headhunter Agent Reputation.

Executive Headhunting is all about people and the truth is that in inter-human relations reputation matters. In executive search it is crucial. That however doesn’t mean […]
16 May, 2022

Why you should hire Executive Headhunting Company with international partners?

Executive headhunting is all about finding that one skilled individual which will perfectly match your company and stay with you in a long term. But who […]
18 March, 2022

Executive Headhunters in Barcelona

Barcelona is a magnificent city known all over the world. This international, vibrant metropolis offers various opportunities, which works like a magnet for global talents. These […]
17 January, 2022

Executive search / headhunting – what it is all about?

Your company performance is dependent from your team. No doubt about that. Team’s performance is highly dependent from its leaders. If you want to outrun competition […]